Underfloor Heating The Answer To Arctic Chill

There has already been a glimpse of winter weather lately, but temperatures are set to
plummet further over the next few days, as an Arctic chill sweeps in. As well as wrapping
up in blankets and cranking the thermostat up, this is the perfect reason to install
underfloor heating to keep warm this winter.

Temperatures are expected to drop to -9C in north-west Scotland this weekend, while
much of England will see the mercury hover around zero, according to WXCharts.

The Mirror reported that only the south-east of England will avoid sub-zero temperatures
during the night, with several centimetres of snow predicted to fall in most other places.

AccuWeather anticipates up to 15cm of snow will come down in hilly areas, with more to
fall at the start of next week too.

Senior forecaster at AccuWeather John Gresiak told the publication: “The Scottish
Highlands would be the most likely area to experience snow… The coldest air is likely to
come over the weekend with some moderation thereafter.”

Therefore, this is the perfect time to consider installing underfloor heating in your house,
as this provides an even distribution of heat. As well as the advantage of being hidden, it
heats the property more effectively and does not require much maintenance, giving
homeowners reassurance their houses will remain warm during the winter months.

Additionally, Jones Britain recognises underfloor heating only needs to run at 29C – unlike
traditional radiators that require heating to 65-75C. Therefore, they use less energy,
saving money on bills.

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