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Using the latest and most efficient equipment, our flow screeding London systems can help provide smooth, level and high quality finish to both commercial and domestic properties. Our team of experts can help you work out the best course of action and provide you with information about the additives that we can use to make sure the concrete floor meets your needs. All of our services and solutions are available across Maidenhead, Chiswick, Hayes, Twickenham, Chelsea, Pimlico and surrounding areas in Berkshire and London.

Working fast and efficiently, we can install brand new flooring within a matter of hours; hassle-free. At London Screed Company Limited, the in-house team of professionals make sure to work around your needs, requirements, budget and time, keeping you in charge throughout the project. Furthermore, our expert knowledge allows us to ensure that your project is running smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

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Built up of a combination of elements that enables the screed to self level, our liquid screed in Twickenham allows for a reliable and level surface every time. It can be built and designed to suit any property or outside surface and solve any problem that you face with your project. Not only that but it is also a fast and affordable service.


Being in the industry for so long means we have developed along with the trade; because of this, we can offer flow screeding for under floor heating. To do this we install additives that can help make you flooring heat up faster, improving the overall heating efficiency of your home/property and help save yourself money on heating costs.


As the name suggests, this is a flooring option that is designed to dry fast, allowing you to carry on with your daily schedule as normal. With years worth of knowledge and experience, we can advise you on the best times to install the flooring to help maximize the efficiency of your project.

Underfloor Heating Maidenhead


Reduced Labour Costs- As we only require one or two professionals on site ,we can provide the service at a reduced price to conventional concrete flooring.

Quality Guarantee- We guarantee all of our work and are confident with our team; so if you aren't 100% happy with our service we will do everything to correct it.

Environmentally Friendly- All of the materials that we use are as safe for the environment as possible, making sure we don't cause any unnecessary damage. Going the extra mile to do our bit.

No Wasted Material- As our team are experienced we are able to work out exactly the amount of material we need, never wasting any material and making our service as price competitive as possible.

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Liquid Screed

Ideal for a range of applications, liquid screed is an innovative floor covering solution. Liquid screed is often used for underfloor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish.

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Quick Dry Screed

Quick-dry screed is ideal for projects that are on a tight deadline or where access is required for the next stage of the project. The quick-drying screed can prove to be a time-saver for busy construction sites.

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Anhydrite Screed

We are experts in installing anhydrite screed. This liquid screed solution can be pumped straight into the place of application, creating a fine finish in less time than traditional methods.

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Colour Screed

Screed can come in a whole range of different colours. Our team of professionals have access to a number of different suppliers to provide you with the perfect solution.

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