TV Home Experts Claim Underfloor Heating Can Help People Save

Underfloor heating can cut heating bills by up to £125 per year on average, according to experts that are presenting a new show about environmentally friendly house conversion.

ITV’s Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home, is a three-part series that sees presenter Ranvir Singh explore the world of eco-friendly homes and helps families save money by making their homes more energy-efficient and sustainable.

One of the biggest tips provided in one episode involved the use of underfloor heating, which was described by the owner of the revolutionary Lake House in Sussex as more efficient than standard, radiator-based central heating.

The main reason for this is the flow screed, as it is far more efficient for the underfloor pipes to heat a solid layer than to heat up the air.

Ms Singh went further and said that if it was paired with a condensing heater it could save an average of £125 per year on heating bills, particularly if used in open-plan spaces.

As well as this, the house uses a heat-exchange system powered by the nearby lake, which allows for very fast and efficient heating without the need for natural gas, oil or other fossil fuels.

Underfloor heating has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years, largely for aesthetic reasons, as it reduces the need for radiators and allows for a better use of the space in a room.

However, whether a retrofitted electrical heat pad or dedicated pipe system, underfloor heating systems can provide considerable value and comfort to a home, and improve the sale value when it is time for a house to come to market.