Top 3 Renovation Ideas For 2022

As house prices continue to rise, buying a new home is becoming out of reach for many movers, which is why more and more people are turning to renovating instead. Here are some popular redecorating ideas that will transform your residence this year. 

According to the latest Halifax House Price Index, properties have risen in value by 11.8 per cent since July 2021, which managing director Russell Galley recognises is “exceptionally strong growth”. 

Therefore, it is no surprise this is putting homeowners off climbing the ladder, and one thing they are doing is making the most of every inch in their house. 

They might have been looking for a bigger property, but now they have to remain in their current abode, they will be looking for new places for storage.

Architect Hannah Campbell told the Evening Standard: “Look for the potential in the unusable spaces. For a remodelling of an existing loft, we added wardrobes and undereaves storage, but decided that the space by an oddly located rooflight would be best used as a reading nook for the family’s children, adding a ply recessed shelf within the storage framework.”

If you have always felt your home is dingy and dark, brighten it up by making small openings between rooms instead of knocking through walls, which can be costly. 

Sometimes you don’t need to do major renovation work to have a big impact, and simply wallpapering a room can completely transform it. The Telegraph recommends wallpapering an entire room, instead of making a feature wall, which is a trend that has been popular over the last few years. 

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