Homeowners Go Green With Renovation Plans

When it comes to renovation projects, more and more homeowners are going green, favouring projects that will reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their gas and electricity bills.

According to a recent survey by Mitsubishi Electric, 71 per cent of the public want to make their home more environmentally friendly, Pham News revealed.

Of the 2,003 British adults asked, 58 per cent said saving energy was their top priority with their renovation plans.

Russell Dean, residential product group director at Mitsubishi Electric, said this shows “a clear appetite amongst homeowners to improve their homes and reduce their impact on the environment”.

He added: “With an air source heat pump, residents can expect a high-quality living standard, with the peace of mind that they are contributing on the road to net zero.”

The survey also revealed the top six reasons for renovating, all of which are to do with making green changes to the house. These include upgrading insulation and windows, improving the heating system, and making changes to reduce the carbon footprint of the house.

More than half of those surveyed claimed they would even spend up to £5,000 to make their property more sustainable for the future.

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