Based in London and covering the whole area, we can provide you with the fastest and highest quality flow screed services; supplying both domestic and commercial clients.

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Your local trusted suppliers of all things Flowscreed.

The London Screed Company Limited are a team that has been professionally trained to undertake all sizes and manner of flows screed in London and across the surrounding areas jobs, no matter how big or how small. The in-house team only use the very best materials and additives possible, to ensure the longevity and quality of the foundation that our experts lay.

Working in and around the London area, we are always prepared to go the extra mile. Originally supplying Maidenhead, Hayes, Twickenham and Berkshire we have recently expanded our coverage to Chelsea, Chiswick, Pimlico and London. This is because we established ourselves as the go-to and most trusted company for flow screed services. Take some time and read through our site and see why we are the best team to pick.

If you are after a free no-obligation quotation or would like some expert advice on our underfloor heating or liquid screed solutions, call us on:



We are able to help both domestic and commercial clients, adapting our service to help meet your needs. No job is too big or too small for our team!

Flowscreed Twickenham


Years of experience within the industry our team are the most trusted and reliable team in the local area. Working with us means you will receive a quality job, every time

Underfloor Heating Maidenhead


At The London Screed Company Limited , our additives can help to improve the efficiency of your underfloor heating and decrease the heating costs of your whole home.


Expert Service- Highly trained and skilled to undertake a wide range of different sized projects and installations.

Years of Experience- Working within the industry for many years has left us with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Range Of Options- Providing solutions for any project or size for both domestic and commercial clients.

Friendly Team- Interacting with a team that are always willing to help work around you and your family, causing as little stress as possible

No Obligation Quotation- Offering you with a complete cost break down - allowing to work out what is best for you

When it comes to flow screed installations you have come to the right place. Only using the very best materials and tools, we produce the best results to help get your project on track. Working with our professionals you will be able to work out the type of flowscreed that suits your needs, getting the benefit from a range of different additives and helping the concrete base work for you and your project.


We don't only care about providing you with the highest quality flow screed installations, but we also want to help give you the most affordable service. At The London Screed Company Limited, our team are able to calculate the exact mixture amount and don't cause any material to be wasted not only saving you money but saving us product!

Explore More Services

Liquid Screed

Ideal for a range of applications, liquid screed is an innovative floor covering solution. Liquid screed is often used for underfloor heating as the screed flows around the pipes, forming a void-free finish.

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Quick Dry Screed

Quick-dry screed is ideal for projects that are on a tight deadline or where access is required for the next stage of the project. The quick-drying screed can prove to be a time-saver for busy construction sites.

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Anhydrite Screed

We are experts in installing anhydrite screed. This liquid screed solution can be pumped straight into the place of application, creating a fine finish in less time than traditional methods.

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Colour Screed

Screed can come in a whole range of different colours. Our team of professionals have access to a number of different suppliers to provide you with the perfect solution.

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London Screed showcased remarkable efficiency and resilience with their flow screed service, perfect for demanding projects. Their advice ensured flawless outcomes


London Screed exceeded expectations with their flow screed service, providing expert guidance and flawless finishes. Highly recommended for quality results


London Screed delivered exceptional efficiency and durability with their flow screed service, perfect for fast-paced projects. Their guidance ensured flawless results.


Navigate your journey to flawless floors by using the directions provided on our map. We look forward to welcoming you to The London Screed Company Limited and delivering exceptional flow screeding services tailored to your requirements. Let us help you achieve superior results for your next construction project.